Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Last One! October 17, 2010

Hi All You Sweeties!

I'm feeling pretty darn good - and pretty excited for two reasons: first, the last cycle of chemo was the "best" so far, and second, tomorrow will be the last of the chemo!

To be honest, I am sooo grateful to have had only a few 'down' days in this past cycle. I was able to work - not complete days but enough to contribute some to our local Building Healthy Communities project at an important time in it's life. And, I actually made soup last week - the first meal I've cooked in months! It felt good to have some energy coming back, to not be so dizzy all the time, etc.

Have to say, though, that I'm really relieved and happy to be knocking on the door of this last treatment. If it can be combined with the same sort of "easier" post-treatment cycle as this last it too much to hope for?

Next week I'll see a radiation oncologist to see if there's a match between her approach to treatment, what is offered in San Mateo, what I know about treatment, and her personality/communication style/etc. and mine. If so, there are going to be appointments to finish the expansion of the pre-reconstruction insert to get it stable prior to radiation, then appointments to get everything set up to reproduce radiation doses over six weeks or so of treatment. I'm hoping to know soon what the start and end dates will be.

That's it for today. Hoping you are all doing well and that you've had a great weekend. The 49ers won one! The Giants one their first playoff game in Phillie! Life is getting better as the end of chemo approaches. Fall is here! Things aren't so bad, right?

Love to you all!


  1. Yay for the last chemo round! It was great seeing you two yesterday. <3 sarah

  2. Giants? Is that the orange team? I saw them about a month ago and thought the popcorn was good. All else: Fall down seven times, get up eight. Yes, it's an old and tired Japanese proverb but it's also what we do. I'm looking forward to helping move the Building Healthy Communities forward and am pleased that you're our group leader. Tam

  3. Greetings Susan and Jim! Your blogs have helped us to "accompany" you on your continuing, courageous journey. We feel your pain and your joy in our hearts. Things aren't so bad, right? Right! Fall down seven times, get up eight! It's what you do! Thank you for regularly, candidly and openly sharing some of your highs and lows with even a little humor now and then - somehow diminishing the physical distance while undoubtedly serving to nurture and comfort friends and family mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Thank you, as well, for kindly allowing us such an "insightful" window into an area of your private life that is so personal. We love and respect you. You are constantly in our thoughts, conversations and prayers. Please accept our hugs and kisses stretched out to you from many thousands of miles away! Chuck, Emily and Ashley