Monday, September 13, 2010

Book Titles- Septermber 3, 2010

Hello Everyone!

One of the games that Jim and I like to play is about made up titles for books we "plan" to write.  For example, the last couple of years we've been thinking about a book called Presumed Republican.  If you are the middle-aged/senior-aged, chief financial officer in the local hospital who is a member of Rotary, you are ...presumed Republican.  Since just about everybody knows exactly where we live, imagine the surprise and confusion when Obama and No on Prop 8 signs appeared on our "Republican" (not) lawn a year ago.  It got most interesting when we received feedback from the K  - 8 school down the street from us that teachers were concerned about the effect of the Prop 8 sign on the children. 

Anyhow, my latest book title is Chemo Sucks (Or 50 Things to Remember Even After Chemo Fog Does Its Best).  This week's top entry for the list of 50 is "don't believe everything you're told."  Yes folks, it's been one lousy week since the Taxol.  Very close to as bad as the first round of A/C.

Remember when I asked "easier than what?" when my docs said that "most women" do better with Taxol?  Less nausea, more energy, generally feeling better I was told. "In my experience, if you had a hard time with A/C, the Taxol will be easier."  (a quote from my doc).  "My friend was jogging on the 6th day after her infusion." (a quote from infusion RN).  Hah!

In the rush to be optimistic, it is important to remember one really key thing - Taxol is chemotherapy, poison to cells.  How much fun can it be? Bottomline for me this past hasn't been any fun at all! 

I was infused on Tuesday last, got home Tuesday night, felt good until Wednesday at about noon.  From then on, you name the symptom and I've had it - bone aches all over (a Taxol specialty- you feel like your bones want to crawl out of your skin and no position is comfortable except asleep), low grade nausea which of course eliminates the appetite, dizziness, no energy, diarrhea, and more.  Am at my computer for the first time in almost a week. Actually went for a ride in the car yesterday to get out of the house for a little while.  Thank goodness the trial was cancelled; I was supposed to show up for jury duty this morning!  I totally forgot to get my medical excuse taken care of and I slept til almost 10:00 this morning.  Don't think the judge would have been too excited by my disregard of the legal system.

That's the news from Crescent City today.  BTW: if you'd like to contribute to the list for Chemo Sucks, send me your items.  We can probably come up with some fun stuff!

Have a great week, you all!  Much love!

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  1. When Wade started the first young children's Relay team a couple years ago, the kids on his team made a poster that said, "Help Put Out Cancer!" and he drew a picture of a helicopter dropping bombs of water on a fire below called cancer. I thought it was pretty cool.

    I like: Chemo Sucks and my husband's bald!

    Keep smiling! Kelly