Saturday, June 19, 2010

Home Again! 6/19/2010

Home again we are! And, so glad to be here! We have so missed being in our space and, even more, with all of our very special babies. Michelle, who takes care of house and pets, does a wonderful job...but it's our home and we have missed all of its nuances.

I'm doing well post-op. Little pain, mostly just tired. Path results were both OK and bad: mastectomy got all of cancer in breast, but axillary nodes were 23/24 cancerous. Still, chest xray, bone scan, CT of chest, abdomen and pelvis were distant metastasis. And, no other nodes were seen to have cancer.

My medical oncologist said I'm "cancer free" and that treatment should be aimed at full " cure.". The quotes are mine on her exact words...the surgery supposedly got all the cancer in my body and remaining circulating cells are supposed to be killed off by chemo, radiation, and long-term hormone therapy. Keep your fingers crossed!

We go back to doctors for more post-op follow-up on Thursday next week, for chemo education, some blood work and finally for starting chemo on Monday 6/28, if everything is OK. Chemo will be rough - every two weeks for four months. Then I'll get a month to rest and then 33 radiation treatments. If all goes well, the hard part will be done.

We're still working on logistics, but we think that we will start by going to San Mateo for about 5 days out of every 14...for chemo and other required medical follow-up. Once I'm in the routine and know more about how I will feel with the chemo, we're thinking that maybe Jim won't have to come every time. He is my rock, so it will be a big transition but we also need to try to have something a little normal in our lives right now. His boss is being absolutely wonderfully supportive so no pressure from that side at all. We really appreciate it - and still want to stay on track as much as we can on most life fronts. Trying to balance, as always.

That's it for now. We've been home an hour or so. Birds, dogs and cats are settling. Jim's in his garden checking for weather damage and hoping for tomatoes. Nap time for me! Love to all, Susan


  1. Sounds really tough but as you said the worst is over, at least they are saying cancer free for now. Wish you all the best in your upcoming treatments. It's a hard road but the ending will be worth it. Thanks for keeping us posted.

  2. It was so wonderful seeing you Saturday...loved how the winds had a way of blowing us onto the same road at the same time! You look so good and the both of you radiated courage and love.