Saturday, June 26, 2010

Plans Change 6/26/2010

Hello on this fine Saturday!

We know with this invader that nothing can be easily planned or considered the final word. All parts of this equation are moving at all times. And, what was to be a few tests, some doc appointments and starting chemo last week has been re-ordered.

After surgery (6/11/10) I left the hospital with three drains in place. Two were removed at my one week check-up and I came home with one. The drains are in place to remove excess fluid as swelling and other surgical injuries heal. The volume of drainage has to be below 30 ml in 24 hours for a drain to come out. The third drain is still significantly above that level and it couldn't be removed on Friday as anticipated. It's somewhat of a risk for infection and other complications to start chemo with an open drain in place, so the chemo has been postponed. We're hoping that the drain can be removed next week. Right now, I'm scheduled for chemo starting on 7/12/10.

We're home again...hooray! Our pets are pretty cling-y. They don't know what's up, just that we're gone a lot lately. Plans for today are to watch tennis (Wimbledon), watch World Cup soccer, unpack, walk the dogs, rest, the idea? Being lazy is high on both of our lists this weekend.

Many thanks to all of you for the good wishes, love, and support...Jon, Kathy, Joy, kids, Dan, Marianne, Susan, Patti, Geneva, Eugene, Anne, Carol, Damita, Rachel, Michele, Rick, Robin, Stacey, Jill, Kevin, Laura, Kevin, the noon Rotary, Marie, Joe, Karen, Sandy, Susan, Michelle, Kelly, Melody, Linda, Mike, KC, Jeff, Debra, Sarah, Jessie, Leapha, Margaret, Dick, Dot...I know I've missed many names and I'll try to add more later. It's been overwhelming - the support, the love, the prayers, the offers of help, the kind words, letters, emails and cards. If you don't see your name here, it's my fault...please know that your words and thoughts are so much appreciated.

To those of you who've walked this path or are walking it now, I'm sure you know about the phases of emotion and thinking that you go through with this diagnosis. Many of you have offered to share your experiences with me, to help me know what to expect at many levels. I'm a pretty independent cuss and, with my love and best friend at my side, haven't felt able to reach out yet to talk about experiences of others or to talk about mine. I know you know that everyone does this journey in their own way and hope you know that I have your names in my pocket as important folks to be in touch with when my head is ready. I know you are there and I so appreciate your willingness to dive into this with me. You will likely hear from me at some point; i'm just not sure when that point will arrive.

Our love to all of you! More soon. xoxoxoxoxSusan

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