Tuesday, July 6, 2010

What's New...7/6/2010

Hi Everyone,

Hoping you had a great 4th of July! We did...although I'm still a bit slow and get tired, Jim and I were lucky enough to see our local parade and Front Street celebration (in sunny, beautiful but windy weather by the sea!) with Damian and Sarah, Mike and KC. It was so good to see them all and to get caught up on the news. We decided not to go to the fireworks (hmm, actually I was asleep on the couch before 8:30 p.m.)...and it turned out to be the only non-foggy display since we've been here! Oh well...

Life is progressing along and I feel lucky to have an extra ten days before starting chemo. The last drain came out on June 30 - thank heavens! - and I decided to stay on the previous chemo schedule with a start date of 7/12. Not looking forward to it, but I am really appreciating the break from travel and medical stuff and just staying at home.

Jim and I got an email from a colleague yesterday asking us to speak at the Relay for Life kick off dinner this Friday. I've been thinking about it and we've agreed to do it...but I feel a bit of a fraud. This is, I think, the survivor's dinner - women who've actually been through the whole experience and come out the other side with some time under their belts. I'm in the middle of this whole process and am clearly not an expert or a survivor of much more than a few surgeries and life in general. I was awake last night trying to figure out what to say...it'll come to me eventually.

Continued many thanks for all the good wishes and support! You are all great blessings in our lives! Susan


  1. Hi Sue,

    Thanks for the update...we are all in your corner...Jim and you make such a wonderful team that we all love you both.

    My 4th of July didn't go as well...I crashed on my bicycle (during a mist) so my Mary Anne had a chance to "nurse" my road rash injuries...Mary Anne is a wonderful (and very cute) nurse.

    I thought I was being safer moving off the road on to the sidewalk...guess not...after ending up in a bush! (ha)

  2. Sweet Sue,

    I did not know about this recent challenge until I received your blog today. I have signed up to follow your blog, and will use this opening to reconnect. I will be in touch via email with more from me on life at the Jack home. But for now, know that we are well, Miles Alexander turned ONE on 6-19-2010, and that I am moving the family to Austin, Texas in mid-August. Brother Gary (and his family), great job opportunity for Krista, and great public schools for the kids were the drivers on this one. I will continue rowing, and take my consulting tool box with me.

    Know that you are loved and supported as consciously as can be mustered. James Hamilton, ditto for you.



  3. Thrilled to know that you will be speaking on Friday! You and Jim have been in my thoughts and prayers since initially hearing the news. I have been reading your blog since getting the address. At the end of all this, you will need new tires!

  4. Hi, Sue. No need to feel the "fraud". Whether you're surviving the moment the doctor gives you the bad news, or the trepidation of waking up to find out what they discovered during surgery, or the dread while waiting for your chemo to start, or the physical pain of recovery from surgery, or the flood of emotions about mortality or loss, or the worry about your loved ones , or any or all of that and more.... you are ALREADY a survivor. There is no one moment in the process when you suddenly get your membership badge to the "Survivor Club"... Your membership begins the moment you are diagnosed. So nobody is more qualified than you to speak... enjoy and good luck!

    Greg and I are leaving tomorrow for a 10 day horse-pack trip in the high Sierra. (I do recall your comment about horses... the brain to body ratio is too low!) So right you are... but we just love 'em. So wish us luck, and I'll check back in when we get back!

  5. Sue,
    Thanks for keeping me in the loop. As we face our respective challenges, your experiences and knowing what you are facing will help me. You are an inspiration