Monday, June 14, 2010

Post-op Progress 6/14/2010

Hi everyone!

Made it through surgery without problems...was discharged the next day before noon (unbelievable to the old nurse in me!). Am doing well on all fronts. Food good; pain not much; sleeping well. Am walking outside just trying to get my energy back.

I know that's not much in the way of an update health wise, but that's all there is. Joy, Jamie, Katy, Damian and Sarah all visited between Saturday and Sunday. Was great to see and talk to everyone - we hadn't seen any of them for months...way too long! Everyone seems to be doing well, with lots of stories, laughs and, likely, a few tales left untold -as it should be.

We are staying at a friend's house in Foster City while he is out of town. It's great to have non-hotel space, with the ability to cook, do laundry, etc. Not that I'm doing too much...more like playing princess for me. Jim's the one who's been taking care of everything, and working long-distance, too!

I have doctor appointments this week and may have path reports back by the end of the week. It seems sure that at least chemotherapy is in my future. Does anyone know of a house/condo/apartment/RV/boat available to rent for four months or so? We're looking for a base during chemotherapy, especially one that would allow a pet or two. Oh, and San Mateo area is what we are thinking.

We appreciate all the love and support you have sent our way. We are trying to inhale all the great energy! Much love, Susan & Jim

Thanks everyone for all your love and support! We have both been inhaling it and appreciate the great energy! Much love, Susan and Jim


  1. Once you figure out where you are going to be, Mike and I would like to come visit. We are happy the surgery went well. Just keep on being the princess, it won't last forever. We Love you, KC and Mike

  2. We too want to visit...just like the IPhone website...your "registration center" seems to be overloaded as well.

    You both are in our prayers...Dan and Mary Anne